GuessGuess Terms of Service

Last updated on August 03rd, 2018

Welcome to GuessGuess

These GuessGuess Terms and Conditions, are a legal agreement between WHTM LLC and the person (you) who registered an Account using the Register Page. This is a beta application and if you do not agree with these terms of service then no worries, we will delete all accounts automatically that don't accept terms within 60 days.

If you have any questions, call me Usman Shahid - 678.813.3555. These terms will change in the future so that we wont have my cell number.

1. General Terms

GuessGuess is a ad supported platform that means we hope to use your information to make money by matching you with advertisers. You ultimately own your own information and can opt-out at anytime. See section two for more information to your rights.

Anytime you have an issue you can contact the site owner to talk to. I am only opening this to 100 users and I'd like to talk to each and every person so feel free to call or text me at 678-431-5821.

2. Request for Removal vs. Request To Stop Getting Contacted

The data in this platform, when you provide it, is going to be used for advertising but you can remove it at anytime. We do provide you the ability to not be contacted anymore by simply emailing your request to If you are not contacted, we still have your information - we just won't contact you. If you'd like to completely remove your information from our database just refund any money that you win.

By playing you are agreeing to indemnify us to any liability incurred from playing from direct, through proxy, or any other third party. It is up to you to check with your local and state laws to ensure that playing is completely legal

3. Hacking

This is a beta-game do not try to hack this game in anyway. We're spending our own time/money to try to get this off the ground - don't hack it. If you are found hacking the game in order to try to win money thats effectively stealing and we will not pay out any money.

4. Payout and full control

We want to pay out each and every person that plays, however if for whatever reason anything comes up, we can pay out at our discretion.

5. Confidentiality

By playing as a beta test users you are agreeing to keep confidential and not replicate anything you see.

Final Words

Terms are boring and very rigid, I am a normal person I've put my name, phone number, and email feel free to talk to me. As long as you play in good faith you should be good. I really appreciate your feedback, lets make this the best game ever!